Park Your License With Royal Pro Real Estate

park your licenseWhat does it mean to park your license?

There are  many factors in a Real Estate Agents decision to park your license. Personal reasons to need a break, health issues etc… What Royal Pro Real Estate offers is the ability to park your license while you deal with any issues and stay active and not lose your real estate license and pay huge fees. We are the more affordable solution to park your license. Royal Pro Real Estate is a licence holding company that provides inactive realtors the choice to park their licences rather than putting their licences on inactive status. Realtors work very hard to obtain their licences and we at Royal Pro Real Estate believe that agents should have the opportunity to benefit from it even if they are not active in the business.

This is perfect for:

  • Real Estate Agents That Are Not Active
  • Part Time Agents
  • Medical Issues
  • Looking At A New Option
  • Taking A Break
  • Close To Retirement

The Royal Pro Real Estate advantage of choosing to park your license will allow you to deal with whatever the circumstances are but not pay huge fees. Our costs are low and the savings are huge.

How long has Royal Pro been in business?

Royal Pro was incorporated and Licensed under the Real Estate Act in 1994.


Royal Pro’s main business is that of a “License Warehouse”. Real Estate Licensees who do not wish to be actively listing and selling real estate can keep their license current rather than leaving it expire. It offers a unique “3rd” alternative to keeping your valuable license active.


No, Royal Pro is not a member of a Real Estate Board. In order to keep costs as low as possible for our members, Royal Pro chose not to become a member. As such there are no monthly fees of any kind.

Contact us if you have further questions.