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Royal Pro’s main business is that of a “License Warehouse”. Real Estate Licensees who do not wish to be actively listing and selling real estate can keep their license current rather than leaving it expire. It offers a unique “3rd” alternative to keeping your valuable license active


Many licensed salespeople have joined Royal Pro for the following reasons: Their license is about to expire and they do not wish to lose it and face writing the exam again. · They wish to take an extended leave from the business but want to keep their License active. The list goes on and on….

Join the professionals at Royal Pro!

  • Affordable Membership
  • Vast Referral Network
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Over 100+ Licensed BC Real Estate Agents
  • In Business since 1994
  • Maintain your clients with referrals
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Welcome to Royal Pro Real Estate Network

Hi My Name is Larry Ferster and I would like to introduce you to our business Royal Pro Real Estate Network. If you are a real estate agent and at any point in your life need to take a much needed break but do not want to pay the large fees to keep your license active, we have the solution. We have options for you to park or hang your license while you finish school, or have a baby or just want some time for yourself. Royal Pro Real Estate Network is located in Surrey BC and can help any real estate agent park their license.

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Medical Emergency 95%
Pregnant Realtors 90%
Going Back To School 90%
Just Needing a Break 80%
Semi Retired Agents 75%
Exploring other options 80%